The Brahmavidya Kendra

Pujya Swami Yogeshwaranandaji Maharaj blessed Coonoor by his presence at Spring field, Bandishola in 1962. He took informal classes of Advaita Vedanta and Sanskrit at the place then known as “Vinona Kutir”. By Swamiji’s presence the “Vinona Kutir” started to be known as “ Swamiyar Banglow” – the residence of a Swami. Mataji Gurupriyananda and the some devotees formalized the place by registering a society and naming it as “Sri Sarada brahmavidya Kendra” in 1980.

Sri Sarada Brahmavidya Kendra – a place where knowledge of Brahman – knowledge about oneself is taught and  learnt along with study of Sanskrit,Yoga and Vedic chanting. Sri Sarada Brahmavidya Kendra is situated the Blue hills called Nilgiris.Coonoor is a hill station in Nilgiris and lies at 1900m above mean sea level.

Thus Kendra in a Coonor is a calm and quiet ,beautiful place for a study of Vedanta, peace and inner growth.